Check Out A Great Paranormal/Fantasy Book By My Friend Joyce!
Wish You Were Here, Badfinger, "A Rock Fantasy"
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A book that rocks the political atmosphere!

Do you love Rock and Roll? Do you enjoy a great story?

Wish You Were Here, Badfinger, "A Rock Fantasy"

By Joyce Isaacson will not only entertain you but intrigue you!

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Bonuses: If you purchase the paperback, you will receive a free E copy of my book along with an E copy of Rock Dreams, a portfolio of Rock Stars (some of them are featured in my book) drawn by myself. You must email me to receive your free copy of Rock Dreams and ebook. My email is located in the back of the book.

Contest: If you purchase a paper copy of my book within 30 days of publication and request a copy of Rock Dreams, you will be entered into a contest to win a signed copy of Joey Molland’s 1998 album, No Dice. When you email me, please attach a photo of yourself holding my book. Please be sure to smile.

Autographed copies: Check out my trailer if you are interested in an autographed copy of Wish You Were Here Badfinger “A Rock Fantasy”. In an email please put in the subject line: autographed copy. Be sure to include your name, physical address, and your email in the body of the email so I can send your paper copy of my book after I receive your Paypal payment or a postal money order or a bank check. I will mail your autographed copy asap. This info is not shown in video.

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