Truth In The Rear View Mirror
An Insider Exposes America’s Power Players Revealing Their
Dark Secrets, Lies And Hidden Agenda To The American People

By Michael Maris; February, 2016; 173 pages

Q & A's

Your subtitle explains part of what your book is about. What’s the rest of the story in a nutshell?

This book is a memoir of my 25 year career as a Washington, D. C. Executive Driver. The stories—some shocking, several are unusual, and others are quite interesting—paint a realistic picture, from my perspective and experiences, of the broken U.S. political system.

Why did you decide to write this book now?

Because I love America, it’s falling apart and I wanted to do something to help stop the insanity and devastation of our nation before the Presidential Election. In 1989 I was working as an Executive Security Driver in Washington, D. C. witnessing questionable behavior from clients—VIP political  power players, international royalty and other high-profile people. The more  I saw and heard, the more I knew the world needed to know what goes on behind the dark tinted windows of some security SUVs and limousines in our nation’s capital.

But I couldn’t figure out why certain bizarre things were happening; they didn’t make sense to me. Then one day I discovered a disturbing historical document that had been read to Congress in 1958 which connected all the dots for me.  I knew at that point I had an important message that needed to be released to the American people, before the Presidential Election.

How did you feel and what did you think when you first realized something was wrong with the picture of American politics and the way the world worked and its power players interacted?

The realization of the widespread corruption happened gradually. Over time I started to put it all together. Each day I started to feel more and more betrayed not only by some of the biggest leaders in America, but also by other top leaders across the globe from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Africa, India and others. The patterns  of corruption, unfairness and insanity that played out in my rear view mirror, and sometimes directly in front of me, were overwhelmingly sad and alarming and sometimes shocking. Not all of the people I served were bad or corrupt. The good courageous men and women I met have high integrity, in my opinion, and continue to block the destructive forces at hand.

How did your childhood experiences, especially those that exposed you to organized crime in your hometown,  prepare you for your career as an Executive Security Driver?

I learned to:
Trust no one
Keep my eyes and ears open at all times, whether I am awake or not
Play dumb (but gather information to CYOA)
Learn how to read between the lines and play both sides.

Like I say in my book: “ I’ve known good guys and bad guys on both sides of the law. And you know what? I’ve got more admiration for the bad guys who make no bones about the fact that they are bad guys than our so-called [political] leaders who lie like snake oil salesmen to convince us to vote for them, swear that they’ve got our best interests at heart and forget we exist once they get in office.”

Who was Mike Maris in your Washington D. C. days?

First, it’s important to know that I am the second-born son of Albanian and Greek immigrants who came to America to escape the evil forces of WWII in Europe. I was raised to believe our freedom in America is sacred, and that I will fight to protect it. In 1989 I was a very good-intentioned and politically naïve young man who moved to D. C. to help my country by using my best talents and abilities -- V.I.P. driving and protection.  Every day I become more disenchanted with what I learned about America.

Who is Mike Maris now?

Today, I am more mature and I’m the same good-intentioned and talented  guy as I was before, with one exception:   I am now politically awake and wise to the corruption and other unethical practices happening in our beloved nation, and I have a message for the American people. Today  I only drive for special select assignments.  I am more at ease with helping the poor and staying in touch with and protecting the good-intentioned common sense rich and power players who have everyone’s best interest at heart.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with being wealthy, but if I was rich I'd probably just spend all the money helping people like Gary Cooper did in the 1936 movie,  Mr. Deeds Goes To Town.

What is the message you want readers to get from your book? 

There are three parts to my message:

1.  Know there REALLY are malicious, destructive and convoluted forces at work behind the scenes trying to destroy the strength , integrity and future of the United States of America. I witnessed many shocking events that back up the statement above, over my career.

See Page 30 in my book to discover the horrifying historical document that was read to Congress in 1958. Many of the points have already come into fruition and it is evident how ‘THEY’ have been gradually whittling away at America.

2.  Be extremely discerning about who you vote into political office at Presidential, U.S. Congress and Senate, state and local levels.

Do your own extensive research on political candidates, plus observe how they walk their talk or not, and especially research who funds them—you will be SHOCKED and appalled!

3.  My book will help readers see through the smoke and mirrors of what is going on in Washington, D. C., and clarify why the quality of our life is headed for destruction unless the 99% majority pulls together and immediately votes out the crooked politicians who are controlled by the $multi-billionaires who do not have the best interest in mind for the majority of the American citizens.

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