The Chase Is The Place! The Chase Hotel from chapter one of the book.
Gus was never actually a member of any organized crime family but he knew all the big players and accepted their generosity when it came his way.  A lot of them were behind the scenes of restaurant and hotel businesses and opened doors for Gus. He worked at all the big St. Louis hotels—The Jefferson, Congress Inn and The Chase—rubbing shoulders with everybody from City Hall bigwigs to mob bosses to Hollywood celebrities.  He loved every minute of it. For some history of what it was like for Gus and Effie living through WW2 and to understand why they loved America and were so grateful to be accepted as US citizens click the links below...

( Albanian Nazi troops in WW2 )      ( World War II Albania )

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Gus - Danny Thomas
Gus - Robert Goulet
Jaye P. Morgan
The McGurie Sisters
Effie & Gus / Shirley Jones
Gus with Shirley Jones
Gus at the Chase Club
Milton Berle
Jan Murray
Robert Clary
George Carl
Gus with Sophie Tucker
Gus with the Kim Sisters
Gus - Chase Memo
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Meh!!!!!   By  Michael J. Stewart   on July 22, 2016 - Format: Kindle Edition
A narcissistic, biased, (supposed) account of the Washington, D.C. political scene, written by a man who spends more time looking in the mirror at himself than in the rear view mirror and the truth. His hatred for President Obama, Secretary Hilary Clinton, and other prominent Democrats skews his observations and recollections to the point the reader begins to wonder if he was ever present in Washington and instead obtained his 'inside information' from reading the National Enquirer. I am certain even loyal Trump supporters would have to read this one on an empty stomach.

A book that rocks the political atmosphere!